SE Series

Typical Applications

  • Engine oil tank.
  • Oil distribution lines.
  • Hydraulic oil tank filtration
  • Compressor oil tank.
  • Oil supply lines.
  • Testing of new oil lines.
  • Metalwork machinery.
  • New oil refill from barrels.
  • Spot oil filtration.
  • Cyclical oil filtration.
  • Multiple oil viscosity.
  • Glycol filtration.
  • Multipurpose mobile station.


Compact and light off-line bypass oil cleaners.
Effectively removes all the particles that are usually very difficult to remove with conventional filters, and performs a total cleaning of the oil by removing solid particles, absorbing water and eliminating sludge and other oil oxidation residues.
Built around a very compact power pack, they can easily be connected to the oil reservoir.
The standard version comes fully equipped with a metal suction strainer and a Moeller on/off switch box with thermo-protection. All units have a mounting bracket for quick installation and a pressure gauge to check the element contamination level.
All SE off-line oil cleaners are fitted with M-series 2μabsolute filter elements (beta ratio ß3 >400).
Standard units are suitable for systems with an oil tank capacity up to 600 litres.
Low running cost, easy installation & maintenance.
Also available for water glycol fluids with coated housing and WG element.

Prevents trouble to the hydraulic equipments.
Improves machine reliability and productivity.
Longer life of all hydraulic components, pumps, servo-valves and other equipment.
Extends oil life by up to 40.000 hrs.
Very important reduction of oil consumption and the resulting waste oil.
Discharges the full flow filters and extends their life.
Important reduction of maintenance costs.

Typical applications:
Injection moulding machines
Die-casting machines, metal working machines, like bending-, cutting-, punching machines.
All hydraulic systems with continuous pressure and fitted with proportional or servo-valves, and other high-tech hydraulic equipment.




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