TRCS Series


  • A self contained multiple separation technology into one singular unit.
    • An automatic centrifuge,
    • A large capacity SS Series Oil Cleaner,
    • Touch automated PLC, and,
    • Required holding tanks for transit operation and for dirt collection.
  • Offers excellent economics with top-notch purifying performance.
  • Reduces maintenance intervals.
  • Lowers oil consumption.
  • Help create environment-friendly manufacturing.

Excellent purifying performance in the TRCS, a centrifuge removes large foreign sludge and a micro filter removes microscopic particles. As a result, it is possible to considerably purify oil as well as prolong the intervals between micro filter replacements
Reduction of the new oil purchase cost and the waste oil management cost.





trcs series


  • Honda
  • Komatsu
  • Suzuki
  • Volvo


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