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Triple R Oil Better Cleaner Smarter

For the past 40 years, we have invested significantly in R&D, expanding our product range to enhance our initial oil cleaning systems. Triple R oil cleaners pioneered "total cleaning" by effectively removing solid particles, water, sludge, and oil oxidation residues, guaranteeing exceptional oil purity.

Total Cleaning


Triple R oil cleaners were industry pioneers in achieving 'total cleaning' of industrial hydraulic oil and lube oil. By effectively eliminating solid particles, water, sludge, and oil oxidation residues, they ensure uncompromised oil purity.

Increase reliability

Versatile solutions for industrial contamination Triple R offers a comprehensive product lineup, including water and oil separators, centrifuges, and vacuum systems, capable of effectively addressing a wide range of modern industrial contamination challenges.

Assured oil cleanliness Triple R ensures oil cleanliness at or exceeding NAS 7 - ISO 16/14/11 standards.

Water elimination Triple R filter elements efficiently absorb water and moisture.


Dirty oil costs so much more than clean...

It’s a two-way equation. Increased machine reliability means increased throughput and consistent quality, while contaminated oils can damage more than throughput. Thanks to Triple R, the benefits of modern filtration can be delivered with a rapid return on investment - usually in a matter of weeks.


In order to completely filter out all oil contaminants, Triple R filters employ cellulose-based filter components with a thickness of 114mm. The industry's lowest dirt-removal cost ratio is achieved by our elements.

Tailored Solutions for Every Use Case

Adding TRIPLE R bypass filters to current setups is a breeze, whether you're retrofitting existing installations or incorporating them into original equipment manufacturer (OEM) production. Simply install TRIPLE R in a bypass loop or offline, offering a straightforward and economical solution.

Explore Our Rental Solutions and Comprehensive Oil-Related Services

Discover TRIPLE R filtration systems equipped with an integrated laser particle counter, ideal for on-the-spot oil control and damage control in rental applications. Get in touch with your nearby authorized distributor for more information.

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